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This short course aims to help you make sense of balance, and the various types of assessment that can inform better diagnostics and programming. Specifically, you are introduced to:

  • Balance and Postural Stability (Masterclass) – the mechanical and physiological determinants of balance are discussed and balance assessment, and an exercise continuum to address problematic balance is introduced.

  • Assessments (Assessment Zone) – static and dynamic, qualitative and quantitative as well as field and laboratory assessments of balance are introduced. Force plate analysis of balance is a particular emphasis the various tests, variables and conditions discussed. A data set is presented and interpreted.

  • Exercise Prescription (Exercise Zone)  – a three phase model of exercise prescription for balance training, and the progression from static to semi-dynamic and dynamic exercises is discussed in detail. Exercises are introduced to address various diagnoses, and the data set from the assessment resource is used as an exemplar of how you would translate these various diagnoses into a progressive balance training program. 

Cost: $30 USD

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Modules: 3, as outlined above

Learning Hours: Approximately 3

Founder of JC Online - PhD (Auckland), Bed, MA (Canada), Dip High Performance Coaching (Canada), Dip PE, Dip Tchng.

Professor John Cronin

Hi, I am John Cronin, AKA JC and I am a Professor in Strength and Conditioning. I am primarily an educator, researcher, and mentor. I have two passions – one related to improving human movement, athleticism and sporting performance via strength and conditioning, and the other related to sharing this information with others.

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