Take your knowledge of flywheel training to the next level with our comprehensive, scientifically proven Flywheel Training online course.

Don’t understand flywheel training? Or struggling to implement eccentric exercises into your training routine? Understanding the ins and outs of flywheel training can be difficult, with millions of resources and studies online, and so many different applications. 

Flywheel Resistance Training Course

In this online course, John covers the basics and specifics of flywheel training, eccentric exercises and much more! The Flywheel Resistance Training Course contains a: Masterclass, Assessment Zone and Exercise Zone. The goal of these online courses is to improve your knowledge and practice as a therapist/coach/practitioner and are updated periodically. 

Whether you’re an athlete, coach, physiotherapist or just passionate about fitness, our Flywheel Resistance Training course is perfect for anyone wanting to establish a comprehensive understanding on all things Flywheel and Eccentrics. The course includes:


  • How Flywheel Technology works

  • Difference of flywheel resistance training to other forms of training

  • Adaptation to Flywheel resistance training

  • Benefits, limitations and utility

  • Introduction to Exerfly equipment (motorised and non-motorised, rack mount and platform)

Assessment Zone

  • Flywheel Technology 

  • Angular kinematics and kinetics

  • Methods of calculation and reliability 

  • Assessment, monitoring and profiling 

  • Case studies 

Exercise Zone

  • Kinesthetic appreciation of flywheel resistance training

  • Basics of flywheel loading 

  • Evidence based loading parameters for strength, power, speed, etc.

  • Injury prevention, rehabilitation and flywheel exercise for the elderly 

Cost: $90 USD

Access: Unlimited

Time: This course can be done in your own time and is approximately 15 hours of teacher and self-directed learning

What's Included In This Course...

  • 3 Modules (Masterclass, Assessment Zone and Exercise Zone), presented in lecture format with slides, notes, video and voice over, as well as practical tasks where applicable, catering for all learning styles
  • Extra resources and readings
  • CPD certificate
  • Free Flywheel e-book
  • Access to this course for the lifetime of the website
  • The course will be updated each year with the latest research (no additional cost)

Time to level up your Flywheel knowledge

Enrol now in our comprehensive and scientifically proven Flywheel Training online course.

Meet Your Instructor

John Cronin is a Professor in Strength and Conditioning at AUT University, Head of Education at Exerfly and founder of JC Online. John specializes in human movement research around strength and conditioning for strength, power, speed and change of direction; and has published over 400 peer-reviewed papers. John also has plenty of experience as a coach, training a variety of athletes and teams ranging from youth developmental athletes to elite World Champion individuals and teams.

Hear what John has to say about Exerfly...

"After spending lots of time training with Exerfly flywheel technology and getting to understand the ins and outs (forgive the pun) I can hand on heart say, I really rate this form of resistance training and feel that it has much to offer the strength and conditioning and physiotherapeutic professions. As such, I have accepted a Head of Education role and am very much looking forward to working with Jordan, Nick and the team. I think the education piece will be very important as they push their new and innovative products, such as the motorised “eccentric boost” technology into various markets. There’s lots to do and the course below the first step in this partnership together. Join us in this journey!"

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Hear what others have to say about our courses

Erin Feser

Co-founder and curriculum director of Oko Weekly

The JC Online resources are thoroughly evidence-based and evidence-informed, which is a gold mine for practitioners and coaches. But also, JC's ability to communicate important concepts and teach practical application has been refined by 20+ years of teaching experience. This is truly what makes these resources stand apart from other continuing education material available online. You can rest assured that you will have great learnings from your time input with the JC Online materials.

Neil Tucker

Crusaders and Canterbury Rugby Physiotherapist

I think a lot of it is such great information for physio’s to either revisit or get introduced to because the science around injury is rapidly catching up and more and more the focus is to restore the key metrics around strength and power.

Tom Reddin

High performance manager, Strength and conditioning coach GWS Giants

Having just completed the course “Eccentrics, Concentrics, and Isometrics Unpacked” I can confidently say it’s one of the best short S&C courses I have done. John has packaged his learning modules with an excellent blend of both theory and practical, and I came away with an enhanced knowledge that will immediately impact my strength coaching and programming going forward.

Carla Robbins

Owner of Vital Strength, Exercise Physiologist

John Cronin's course, "Optimizing Strength and Power - A Connective Tissue Approach" is a science-driven, video-supported, well-organized, and clear course that will help strength and conditioning and physical therapy professionals take their practical application of knowledge to the next level. I will recommend this course, and John's additional "Research Bytes" to those who want to elevate their practice through a thorough understanding of the science and how to transfer that to sport and training applications.