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Improving strength is more than increasing the size and function of muscle, as tendons and other connective tissues play important roles in modulating force production. This course lays the foundations for all of my courses, by taking an ultrastructure look at the tissues responsible for force production and transmission. The three component model helps you understand the contributors to active and passive tension/strength. By understanding the influence of these various tissues you are better placed to understand how to measure and prescribe exercise to improve their capacity whether it be for injury prevention, return to play or human and sporting performance. Your ability to progress and regress exercise prescription is advanced given a tissue focus rather than an exercise or movement focus.

Each topic (Contractile Component, Parallel Elastic Component and Series Elastic Component) is comprised of three units of work.

1.   A Masterclass that introduces you to the mechanics and physiology of the topic and introduces you to assessment, programming and adaptations related to the component of interest.

2.   An Assessment Zone that takes you through different types and ways to assess the component of interest, as well as key points for collecting strength and power data for improved accuracy and reliability. These Assessment Zones finish with a case study where you practice the techniques covered and your interpretation of the data.

3.   An Exercise Zone where you will learn how to preferentially target the component of interest via simple exercise, progressions and programming considerations.

This course contains a total of 10 modules (1x Introduction to the Three Component Model, 3x Masterclasses, 3x Assessment Zones and 3x Exercise Zones).

What's Included In This Course

What you get when you enrol in this course:

  • 10-mini video lectures
  • Masterclass presentations
  • Assessment & Exercise Zone presentations
  • Quizzes and case studies
  • Extra resource and readings
  • CPD Certificate
  • Unlimited access to the course for the lifetime of the site

HP Physiotherapist and Medical Manager NZ Cricket

Dayle Shackel

Great introductory course to the concept of tissue variation (3 component model) and their differing response to load which has direct application for the prescription of strengthening exercises for both rehabilitation and performance. The modular system allows for the student to take time to comprehend the topics and fit around busy lifestyles. Highly recommend.

Crusaders and Canterbury Rugby Physiotherapist

Neil Tucker

I think a lot of it is such great information for physio’s to either revisit or get introduced to because the science around injury is rapidly catching up and more and more the focus is to restore the key metrics around strength and power.

Lead Performance Physiotherapist High Performance Sport NZ (Christchurch)

Tamsin Chittock

Your course has added layers of comprehension and simplification of thought which has been valuable. ….. This has moved my thinking quite a lot and I love when that happens! Thank you.

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