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Changing the shape as in size, thickness and length of muscle, and shifting fibre type can have substantial effects on the force-velocity properties of muscle. Given this information, this course introduces and extends your knowledge in three broad subject areas; hypertrophy, architecture and fibre type. There are significant bodies of work in each of these areas, therefore the resources narrow down on information that is meaningful to your practice. Of particular emphasis are the loading considerations for hypertrophy, the effects of, and how to train to change pennation angle and fascicle length, and how different types of training influence fibre type transformation

Each topic (Hypertrophy, Muscle Architecture and Fibre Type) is comprised of three units of work.

1.   A Masterclass that introduces you to the physiology and/or mechanics of the topic and introduces you to assessment, programming and adaptations related to the component of interest.

2.   An Assessment Zone that takes you through different types and ways to assess the component of interest. These Assessment Zones finish with a case study if feasible, where you practice the technique discussed and you interpret the data.

3.   An Exercise Zone where you will learn how to preferentially target the component of interest via simple exercise, progressions and programming considerations.

What's Included In This Course

What you get when you enrol in this course:

  • 10-mini video lectures
  • Masterclass presentations
  • Assessment & Exercise Zone presentations
  • Quizzes and case studies
  • Extra resource and readings
  • CPD Certificate
  • Unlimited access to the course for the lifetime of the site

Meet Professor John Cronin

Founder of JC Online

PhD (Auckland), BEd, MA (Canada), Dip High Performance Coaching (Canada), Dip PE, Dip Teaching.

About Professor John Cronin

John is a professor in Strength and Conditioning within the Sports Performance Research Institute of New Zealand (SPRINZ), School of Sport and Recreation, at AUT University. SPRINZ is the number one performance based research fund rated sport research institute in New Zealand. 

John has the perfect blend of theory and practical. During his career john has worked with a variety of athletes and teams, ranging from youth development athletes to elite world champion individuals and teams. John has worked with National level cricket teams, netball, rugby union, rugby sevens, discus, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, shooting, jet skiing and soccer. 

John is now primarily an educator, and has spent the last 20 years at AUT University lecturing in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs for sport and exercise science. He has supervised over 40 PhD and 40 Masters students in the area of strength and conditioning, and has over 400 peer reviewed papers.

Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Chennai Super Kings (IPL Cricket Team).

Greg King

I have enjoyed the structure of the 3 sections within each topic. I feel the way this is set out gives a great balance between the theory, methods and considerations around assessment and how to practically train it. The content itself within the course is brilliant, there is sufficient detail but not so much that it overwhelms you. Your courses have stimulated a great deal of thought as to how I currently assess and train my athletes. Particularly getting me to think about how I can improve what I have been doing for many years.

Head of Women's High Performance at New Zealand Cricket

Ant Sharp

The most amazing resource for all those applying their trade in human performance. His website is full of high quality research letting you digest it at your own pace, opportunities to collaborate and connect in blogs with like minded practitioners, or even grow your knowledge through his online courses. This is such a great opportunity to learn from a leader in this field who has done everything in both research and application through coaching with international sports teams.

Owner of Vital Strength, Exercise Physiologist MKin, BKin CSEP-CEP High Performance Specialist

Carla Robbins

John Cronin's course, "Optimizing Strength and Power - A Connective Tissue Approach" is a science-driven, video-supported, well-organized, and clear course that will help strength and conditioning and physical therapy professionals take their practical application of knowledge to the next level. I will recommend this course, and John's additional "Research Bytes" to those who want to elevate their practice through a thorough understanding of the science and how to transfer that to sport and training applications!

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