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Each course is approximately 10 learning hours. Once you purchase this bundle, you will have unlimited access to the course content for the lifetime of the site Within each course, three topics are covered. Each topic is comprised of three units of work.

1.   A Masterclass that introduces you to the mechanics and/or physiology associated with the topic. Information around assessment and programming is typically briefly introduced in this module.

2.   An Assessment Zone that takes you through different types and ways to assess the topic of interest. These assessment zones sometimes finish with a case study where you practice the techniques covered and your interpretation of the data.

3.   An Exercise Zone where you’ll learn how to implement simple exercise progressions and programming considerations, given the diagnostic information provided in the Assessment Zone.

Founder of JC Online - PhD (Auckland), Bed, MA (Canada), Dip High Performance Coaching (Canada), Dip PE, Dip Tchng.

Professor John Cronin

Hi, I am John Cronin, AKA JC and I am a Professor in Strength and Conditioning. I am primarily an educator, researcher, and mentor. I have two passions – one related to improving human movement, athleticism and sporting performance via strength and conditioning, and the other related to sharing this information with others.

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