Webinar Content

  • Are you keen for some upskilling on exercise progressions and programming from a muscle, tendon and connective tissue perspective?

  • How is your knowledge around what is a functional or non-functional asymmetry?

  • What factors should you consider before asymmetry testing?

  • Do you know how to assess and program for those who have elastic or reactive asymmetries?

  • Can you measure slow and fast stretch-shorten cycle asymmetry, and do you know how to restore both?

Join me in this four-hour webinar/workshop designed for your professional development. Even though virtual, you will be working hard – on the floor trying exercises, analysing data, interpreting case studies, etc.  

*Please note that this is the recording of the webinar that was hosted on April 10th 2022

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the three-component model: Contractile component, parallel elastic component and series elastic component. 
  • Masterclass: Lower limb asymmetries
  • Assessment Zone: Lower limb asymmetries
  • Assessment Zone: Multi-directional and multi-hop assessments
  • Exercise Zone: Assessing Elastic Capability
  • Exercise Zone: Fast and slow stretch shorten cycle performance
  • Bonus: Free E-book on force plate fundamentals for physiotherapists 

Total learning hours: Approximately 4