Webinar Content

An introduction to force plates for physiotherapists with practical examples of force plate analysis of jump performance and clinical applications for rehabilitation in sports and community practice.

Force plates are becoming more affordable, accessible and easy to use. Hear JC and Hamish talk about force plate fundamentals then hear two Specialist Sports Physiotherapists (Neil Tucker and Jacinta Horan) talk about how they use force plates in their practice in sports and community practice populations to guide rehab and to improve rehabilitation adherence and motivation.  

This webinar will introduce you to some force plate fundamentals, namely:

  • Understanding the basic physics including forces and the law of action and reaction.
  • What is a force platform?
  • What can it measure?
  • How you can use a force plate in your practice to measure, monitor, get client ‘buy in’, improve rehabilitation adherence and motivation.
  • The benefits of force plate technology from a community practice perspective.

Learn how you can now use this accessible, affordable and easy-to-use technology to add to your objective testing battery and take your rehabilitation to the next level.  

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Understand what a force platform is and what measures it can provide.
  • Understand jump phases and corresponding force plate data
  • Understand the clinical applications of force plate data in physiotherapy and how you can use this to guide rehabilitation. 

Handouts, eBook and CPD certificate provided.