Testimonials and Reviews

Crusaders and Canterbury Rugby Physiotherapist

Neil Tucker

I think a lot of it is such great information for physio’s to either revisit or get introduced to because the science around injury is rapidly catching up and more and more the focus is to restore the key metrics around strength and power.

PhD, CSCS Researcher, Educator, Coach, Athlete

Eric Helms

For the past decade, Professor John Cronin has been my mentor academically. He’s a prolific researcher in the areas of strength and power who has worked in strength and conditioning at all levels for decades. He is now offering his expertise and vast knowledge base in strength and conditioning online for anyone to access. I’ve learned so much from John over the years across the entire domain of my knowledge, from understanding reliability and measuring real changes in research and practice, to advanced muscle physiology, and even improving one’s emotional intelligence and communication skills. So for S&Cs, I can’t recommend John highly enough.

Owner of Vital Strength, Exercise Physiologist MKin, BKin CSEP-CEP High Performance Specialist

Carla Robbins

John Cronin's course, "Optimizing Strength and Power - A Connective Tissue Approach" is a science-driven, video-supported, well-organized, and clear course that will help strength and conditioning and physical therapy professionals take their practical application of knowledge to the next level. I will recommend this course, and John's additional "Research Bytes" to those who want to elevate their practice through a thorough understanding of the science and how to transfer that to sport and training applications!

S&C Lead - Sports Authority of India, NCOE-Kolkata

Rupesh Choudury

I have been a consumer of Prof. Cronin's content on strength and conditioning for a long time. Very recently, I also had the opportunity to attend one of his lectures hosted by the Sports Authority of India. Having read his articles on his website and other forums, I must say that Prof. Cronin truly bridges the gap between the science and practice of strength and conditioning and I feel confident in recommending the content to fellow professionals in strength and conditioning."

Co-founder and curriculum director of Oko Weekly

Erin Feser

The JC Online resources are thoroughly evidence-based and evidence-informed, which is a gold mine for practitioners and coaches. But also, JC's ability to communicate important concepts and teach practical application has been refined by 20+ years of teaching experience. This is truly what makes these resources stand apart from other continuing education material available online. You can rest assured that you will have great learnings from your time input with the JC Online materials.

Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Chennai Super Kings (IPL Cricket Team).

Greg King

I have enjoyed the structure of the 3 sections within each topic. I feel the way this is set out gives a great balance between the theory, methods and considerations around assessment and how to practically train it. The content itself within the course is brilliant, there is sufficient detail but not so much that it overwhelms you. Your courses have stimulated a great deal of thought as to how I currently assess and train my athletes. Particularly getting me to think about how I can improve what I have been doing for many years.